5 Digital Marketing Tips for Small Businesses


Small business owners have too much to handle, their plate is always full.

Some times they are the CEO of the company, some times they have to work among the employees, some times they have to take up the role of accountant.  After all this tiresome responsibilities, most small business owners wont have time to indulge in marketing activities.

Digital Marketing for small business

Formulating a successful marketing strategy in digital media demands quality time and expertise.

Small business owners with such a busy schedule have to work smarter , rather than harder, when it comes to online marketing.

Here is the good news,

There are a few digital marketing trends which you can take advantage, without any sweat.

Optimise your contents for mobile

Majority of online traffic is from mobile devices today. Smartphones and tablets have surpassed desktops and laptops in terms of internet usage.

Most of us share an intimate relationship with our mobile devices. In fact our personal devices contains more information about us than anybody might know.

As more and more customers are depending on mobile devices to access internet, it is important that you optimise your contents so that they look good in mobile devices.  If you have a website, make it responsive to adapt to the small screen size. If you post a picture, make sure it serves its purpose even in the small screen.

Create videos more than images and blogs

Videos are the most engaged form of content across all social medias. People rather spend time viewing a video than reading an entire article.

Posting relevant videos across social media platforms like facebook, youtube, instagram, etc will increase the audience engagement. This will also help your brand to build loyalty and advocacy among the audience.

Finding influencers in your niche

It’s not for nothing that big brands hire celebrities to advocate their products. People are happy to take recommendations from celebrities.

But you don’t have to spent big money for celebrities to hire their service. However, you could lookup for the influential bloggers, profiles, communities, groups etc that consistently produce quality contents in your niche, and have avid followers.

These people will be able to help you to establish yourself in social medias. This will cost much less than hiring a celebrity.

Listen and engage with your audience

This might seem like a time consuming work, but it is the most important one. Suppose you were able to create an awesome video and distributed it throughout the social medias. But, if you are not listening to your audiences responses then all of it will go to waste.

You have to listen to understand what is the next piece of content that you should create, how happy are your audiences, are you acquiring audiences who are relevant to your niche etc…

But most importantly, giving personalised responses to your audiences induces loyalty, they know that you care.

Setup a system to analyse the metrics

This is very important,

Most of the small business owners won’t spent time setting up and monitoring analytics systems.

You need to know what kind of contents are getting clicked, what all are getting shared etc… so that you don’t have to adopt a trial and error system to choose your contents. You can also measure the effectiveness of a campaign and weigh the effort it took to create and and the benefits it gave you.

You will be able to make amazing decisions based on the analysis of various metrics.


There’s always an easy way…

If you find this too much to handle, then it is better you give the job to a marketing company. Because, there is a lot more involved in digital marketing than the above said aspects.

If you are in a place were you could afford some money for getting genuine reach across social media, then you should definitely outsource social media marketing activities to a digital marketing agency.

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